Face masks originated in Asia, used as a traditional beauty treatment for centuries. Today they can be used by anyone and come in a variety of styles to help improve your appearance. The techniques and ingredients used for face masks have changed over time, but the purpose remains the same: to remove unsightly acne, soften the skin, or just improve your skin's appearance. Traditional face masks use natural ingredients that won't irritate the skin, cause rashes, or leave the user with a gag reflex.

ABC News shopping program, a cooking/cooking show on the Fox Network, featured a food-of-the-month club, called Face Packs. Face packs are small packets of food designed to improve your appearance. A cloth face pack is a simple mask usually made from absorbent cotton, usually in black, designed to be worn on the face. When purchasing face masks online, you can expect to pay more for the higher quality brands, because companies that understand that their product is meant to be used on the face, will be more confident in their ability to produce quality packs.

One of the most popular face masks, and the one that has consistently sold best during seasons when "companion" shows like ABC News Shopping are on the air, is the Nivea face pack. Nivea is one of the largest and most successful companies in the cosmetics industry. Their products are world known for being affordable, gentle, and effective. Nivea's masks come in both single-layer and multi-layer varieties. The multi-layer variety contains five layers of polypropylene, while the single layer is composed of a thin layer of polypropylene and no extra fillers. Visit Brookwood Medical for more varieties of face masks.

Another popular brand for face masks is Aqualens. Aqualens is made out of all-natural ingredients including green tea extracts, bamboo extracts, and wakame kelp. The company's "Aquasave" mask series contains a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer all in one. The cleanser helps to remove dirt and oil, while the toner helps to restore the pH level of the skin. Finally, the moisturizer provides a protective layer around the eyes, preventing the onset of wrinkles.

There are other brands of face masks available that aren't part of a larger company's range. PeppermintMall can be found at most drug stores and costs only $4.95 for a four-pack. A similar product is from Sunbeam, called their "WOW" kit. It costs just over ten dollars and can contain such diverse items as eye contour gel, cleansing mask, lip balm, exfoliator, body lotion, and facial scrub. Like Aqualens, these face masks are machine-washable.

Public health officials have long been urging individuals to use face masks to protect their health. Machine-washable disposable masks can provide adequate protection against the elements, particularly the air pollution caused by vehicles and industrial facilities. However, not every individual will benefit from the protection provided by machine-washable face masks. In fact, some people may be allergic or sensitive to the materials used to make these products. In this case, it may be more beneficial to purchase one of the surgical masks that are currently available on the market. Check out this link to learn more.

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